3 Reasons DIY Mold Testing Is Always A Bad Idea

3 Reasons DIY Mold Testing Is Always A Bad Idea

3 Reasons DIY Mold Testing Is Always A Bad Idea


If you suspect mold in your business or home, it’s a frustrating experience, to say the least. We understand the idea of taking care of it as quickly and cheaply as possible. However, cutting corners can be costly to your health and wallet. One product that’s recently gained popularity, despite its shortcomings, is DIY mold testing kits. We can assure you these are a waste of time and money and potentially a hazard to your health. Keep reading to learn the three main reasons DIY mold testing is a bad idea.


Difficult to administer correctly (not safe either)

The DIY mold tests are marketed as easy to administer and read results. Even though the test kits may have simple instructions, if you don’t have extensive experience with mold, you may unknowingly complete the text incorrectly. Then, the test could generate inaccurate results (more on that later). For example, if you leave the test plate out for too long or not long enough or place it in the wrong location, you may not find the correct amount of mold in your home.


Secondly, any kind of interaction with mold is dangerous. When you complete a DIY mold test, you unnecessarily expose yourself to more mold. Even if the test promotes safety, it’s still a bad idea to complete without the proper protection. 


Mold professionals are licensed and must follow strict guidelines to complete a comprehensive mold test correctly and safely. At-home mold testing does not come with these same certifications. Testing accuracy leads to accurate results!


Results are unreliable 

We already mentioned how not completing the test correctly could generate inaccurate results. Additionally, getting a false positive or false negative is easy if you aren’t reading the results correctly. This could lead to an uninformed decision that could potentially harm you and your family’s health. Therefore, it’s safe to say that results from DIY mold testing are unreliable. Furthermore, you can’t truly trust if there is substantial mold or not with an at-home mold test kit. 


One of the most significant drawbacks to DIY mold testing results is these kits can miss mold that’s not seen. Unfortunately, mold often hides where you can’t see it, which is very dangerous to those living in the home and DIY mold testing only detects mold that’s visible. 


Another reason the results are unreliable is that DIY kits will actually detect mold often because there are always mold spores in the environment, so it doesn’t necessarily give an accurate picture of the mold in your home or workplace. The test result may mean you have a significant mold problem that needs professional removal or remediation, or it could just be a result of typical mold spores in the environment. The fact that you can’t know for sure is concerning with these test results.


Results leave out crucial information

DIY mold testing kits have a limited scope of testing. The results may show you have mold present in your home, but it leaves out crucial pieces of information. For example, it’s critical to know where the source of the mold is located, if it’s a toxic mold, and what type of mold is present. Pictures of the mold locations are also extremely helpful because, often, the mold grows where you can’t easily see. This information is essential for making the best decision for mold remediation. Only a mold professional can accurately detect and report these findings. 


If there is mold present in your home or business, you need to act quickly to prevent further spreading and health risks. However, it’s difficult to make the right decision without the most reliable information about your home’s condition. You can avoid all of this by choosing professional mold testing!


Trust Mold Professionals in Southwest Florida

So, if it’s best to avoid DIY mold testing, what’s the best method for testing mold? First, professional mold inspectors will thoroughly assess the entire home or business for mold and its source using technology and expertise. From there, a licensed mold inspector can recommend the best action plan to remove the mold from your property completely. 


Mold Inspectors of Florida serve Southwest Florida and provide the highest level of service and results for mold inspections. We use our years of experience and technology to provide one of the most extensive mold inspections available. Additionally, we offer you a comprehensive report of results with pictures and details of the mold areas. Contact Mold Inspectors of Florida to request a mold inspection today. Our team is here to help you live and work in a mold-free environment!



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