5 Reasons DIY Mold Removal Is a Bad Idea

Why Experts Don’t Recommend DIY Mold Removal

Discovering a mold problem in your home is always a frustrating experience. While you’re probably tempted to start tackling the issue yourself, there are several reasons why DIY mold removal is never a good idea. But why is that? Surely all those products available at the hardware store work, or there wouldn’t be so many of them. However, that’s not the case. Those sprays and scrubs might temporarily remove the appearance of mold, but they can’t handle the underlying issue. Even home remedies like bleach aren’t powerful enough to tackle mold and could worsen the problem.

Why You Should Let Experts Remove Mold

So, why exactly should you hire an expert instead of doing it yourself? These are our top five reasons why we never recommend DIY mold removal.

Mold is Dangerous

The main reason we never recommend DIY mold removal is that mold can be hazardous to your health. Mold spores are invisible, meaning that high concentrations are easy to breathe in and settle on your skin. Contact with mold spores can cause health issues ranging from sneezing and rashes to more concerning symptoms like respiratory issues. A professional mold testing and inspection service will be equipped with respirators, gloves, and other protective equipment that keeps them – and you – safe. Mold exposure can cause short and long-term effects that aren’t always simple to identify, so protect your health and leave mold removal to the pros.

Hidden Mold

 As you now know, mold travels through spores in the air and water. That means that it isn’t always in prominent or easy-to-reach places. You might see signs of mold in your home, but that could also indicate problems in other areas. Mold can grow in your HVAC system, behind walls, in plumbing, and just about anywhere with the right conditions. Removing mold by yourself means that you could miss areas that are affected, causing an ongoing issue that could spread even further. Before the mold removal process begins, you’ll want mold inspection and testing to find exactly where the problems lie. Mold assessors can find mold wherever it’s hidden with specialized equipment, allowing the remediators to do their job correctly.

Mold Can Spread

Every time mold is disturbed, it releases those tiny spores into the air. DIY mold removal will only spread the mold further because it’s nearly impossible to contain the contaminated area on your own. As you try to clean mold yourself, you’re allowing spores to release into the air and attach to your clothing. Those spores can lie dormant until the perfect conditions arise, which almost always leads to the problem coming back, often more severe than before. There’s a good reason that the state of Florida requires mold assessors to be licensed, and that’s because they know which precautions to take to contain mold and keep it from spreading.

The Wrong Tools and Equipment

Not only do mold experts have the training and certifications, but they also come well-equipped to handle any mold situation. Before removal begins, mold assessors will use all the tools they have to find any signs of mold. From moisture meters to infrared thermography, professional testing will give you the peace of mind of knowing the severity and location. Then, once it’s time for mold removal, your professional team will have access to cleaners and other tools that you can’t buy yourself. This specialized equipment is guaranteed to remove traces of mold, and remediation will return your home’s air quality to a safe level.

In Too Deep

In most cases, DIY mold removal spirals into a job that’s simply too big for a homeowner to handle. What starts as a quick and easy task can quickly snowball into a massive project that requires you to repair and replace areas of your home. Without the experience of a professional, it doesn’t take long before you’re in too deep and need expert help anyway. No mold removal project is ever as simple as it may seem, and having someone on your side right from the start can go a long way in the project’s success. Even if you think you have the time or energy to remove mold by yourself, you may soon find that the infestation is simply too large or complex.

Mold Testing in Southwest Florida

So, where do you get started hiring mold removal experts? To begin, find a certified mold testing service that can confirm the presence of mold. Here at Mold Inspectors of Florida, we’re led by a licensed mold assessor with years of construction experience who can identify every area of your property that’s affected by mold. We use all the latest technology to test for the presence of mold, providing detailed reports and assessments that contain everything we find. In addition, we’ll recommend trusted local mold removers and remediators to solve your problem fast, saving you time, effort, and stress. So, contact us today to start your testing service, and follow Mold Inspectors of Florida on Instagram and Facebook for the latest mold tips.

Published: October 3, 2022
Author: Mold Inspectors of Florida
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