Jay Widman

Jay Widman

State Licensed Mold Assessor

Jay Widman is the owner and inspector of Mold Inspectors of Florida LLC.

Jay was originally inspired to enter the indoor environmental industry while working in local construction, where he repeatedly observed the detrimental effects of mold growth on indoor air quality.

Jay started off by working as a mold remediator but ultimately decided to transition to a career as a mold assessor so that he could use his keen eye and knack for discerning easy-to-miss details to help people learn about where mold is occurring and what courses of action are available to solve the problem.

Jay holds the following licenses and certifications:

Florida State Licensed Mold Assessor

Member of the National Organization of Remediators & Mold Inspectors (NORMI)

A Mold Assessor Who Knows His Stuff

Jay’s background in construction provided the building blocks for his adeptness in the world of mold assessment, and it was his love for knowledge and helping others that led him to where he is today. As a Council-Certified Indoor Environmentalist (CIE), Nick is highly experienced as a consultant on mold proliferation in homes, and he is committed to providing a timely and accurate inspection for all of his clients—and that includes mold sampling when desired so that you can learn exactly what type of mold is affecting your home’s air quality. Together with Jay we can create a mold-free home for our clients.

Mold is capable of finding an ideal environment to grow in any number of areas throughout a home, and Jay will thoroughly check every readily accessible location—including HVAC components, interior walls, visible plumbing, and anywhere else mold could be hiding.

Infrared thermography is used to investigate the heat signatures of home components, revealing drops in temperature that could indicate mold-harboring moisture.

Several other tools are used as need, including hygrometers, protimeters, an air sampling pump, testing swabs, and testing tapes.

Infrared Thermography


Testing Swab
Mold Inspection