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Mold Inspectors of Florida serves all the major cities in Southwest Florida.
Below are the listed Southwest Florida Mold Inspection Service Areas, all of which we provide the best of our services to.  Mold Inspectors of Florida is Southwest Florida’s Choice for a complete and thorough Mold Inspection and testing.  Mold Inspectors of Florida doesn’t do a simple “free” visual inspections that you may find from other providers.  Mold Inspectors of Florida provides one of the most comprehensive mold inspections and 3rd party testing for both residential and commercial establishments.  Furthermore, with years of experience and the latest technological advancements, Mold Inspectors of Florida will know for sure what is lurking behind those walls, in the ductwork, or behind those cabinets.  Mold is a serious issue and shouldn’t be put off or handled without proper equipment and training. Your safety is the most important.  Therefore, if you suspect mold in your residential or commercial property, it is important you contact a professional, licensed mold inspector.

Mold inspectors of Florida offers one of the most complete inspections for both residential and commercial properties.  They do an assessment of the entire property and identify not only if mold is present, but what may be the cause. By doing so we continue to pride ourselves on the quality of our work.

Call Mold Inspectors of Florida at (239) 233-1705 to Schedule your inspection today or submit an online inspection request on the Mold Inspection Form. Let’s work together to provide you a comfortable, mold-free home.

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